Making it easy to follow best practices


Faster development

More useful code reviews

Higher quality code

Great recruiting tool!


Replace (some) training with doc PRs

"gitHooks": {
  "pre-commit": "cross-env PRE_COMMIT=true lint-staged"


module.exports = {
  '*.js': [
    'yarn lint:eslint',
    'yarn lint:prettier',
    'git add',
    'yarn test:unit:file'


Reduce friction

Enforce best practices

Custom snippets

Same advantages as generators

  "script": {
    "scope": "vue",
    "prefix": "script",
    "body": [
      "export default {", 
    "description": "<script>"

Can be combined with generators for automatic basic tests for components, views, utils, etc.

The 3 month rule







Making it easy to follow best practices (Kingston)

By Chris Fritz

Making it easy to follow best practices (Kingston)

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