Multi-Cloud Service Management

By Viktor Shevchenko

Sergii Scherban

Who we are?

What we want to talk about

  • Project in general
  • High-level architecture
  • Integrations
  • Plans
  • Demo

Yet another ticket brokering tool?

  • Build any complex data manipulation and execute side effects on data processing
  • Single unified source of data storage
  • Generic integration with ITSM and SmartIT¬†
  • ¬†Drived by ability to have extra context around the data

Bird eye view on architecture


  • Build on the top of Innovation Suite
  • Tight UI integration with SmartIT
  • Deep usage of Integration Service
  • Provide 2 way out of the box bi-directional flows with Jira, Rally, Salesforce.

IS Connectors

Remedy ITSM Connector

Multicloud Connector (94%)

We use

We contribute

We own

Rally Connector (80%)

Jira Connector (30%)

AWS Connector (80%)

Salesforce Connector


  • Support more cloud providers OOTB
  • Increase ease of connector configuration(share responsibility)


  • Decrease complexity of product deployments
  • Increase automation coverage¬†



By Viktor Shevchenko


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