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Cory Rylan

Cory Rylan

- Google Developer Expert for Angular and Web

- Front End Developer @ VMware, Clarity Design Team

- Angular Bootcamp Instructor


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- Static HTML / CSS

- Angular Components

- Web Component based icons system

- Design/UX Guidelines

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What are Web Components?

A collection of Web APIs


- Custom Elements

- Shadow DOM

- HTML Templates

- ES2015 Modules

- CSS Custom Properties

Why Web Components?

Web Standards

- Component model

- Lightweight and fast

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Why Web Components?


- CSS, Template, Behavior

- Well defined themes with Custom CSS Properties

- No need for Global CSS

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Why Web Components?


- Cross framework/library support


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(sort of)

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Browser Support?

IE11+ support is possible with polyfills

Graphic of browser support with Custom Elements and Web Components. All browsers supported with the exception of ie11.

Edge in development!

Graphic of custom elements tracking issue for the Edge browser
Graphic of Shadow DOM tracking issue for the Edge browser

Code Demo

Graphic of code in progress

Web Component Authoring

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Angular Elements

Polymer and lit-html

Stencil JS & Ionic

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Vue Component Wrapper

Framework Demo

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