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Cory Rylan

Cory Rylan

- Google Developer Expert for Angular and Web

- Front End Developer @ VMware, Clarity Design Team

- Angular Bootcamp Instructor


- Static HTML / CSS

- Angular Components

- Web Component based icons system

- Design/UX Guidelines

What are Web Components?

A collection of Web APIs


- Custom Elements

- Shadow DOM

- HTML Templates

- ES2015 Modules

- CSS Custom Properties

Why Web Components?

Web Standards

- Component model

- Lightweight and fast

Why Web Components?


- CSS, Template, Behavior

- Well defined themes with Custom CSS Properties

- No need for Global CSS

Why Web Components?


- Cross framework/library support


(sort of)

Browser Support?

IE11+ support is possible with polyfills

Edge in development!

Code Demo

Web Component Authoring

Angular Elements

Polymer and lit-html

Stencil JS & Ionic

Vue Component Wrapper

Framework Demo

Thank You



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