Decentralized Identity Foundation

What is the Decentralized Identity Foundation?

We are a non-profit organization of like-minded individuals, companies, and groups who are working to create a decentralized identity ecosystem that serves people, organizations, apps, and devices.

Identity needs a reboot

  • There is no open, shared layer for identity
  • Users have no way to own their identities
  • Identity data is locked in silos and honeypots

Identity must be open, shared, and interoperable

  • Open source code
  • Emerging standards
  • Reference implementations

Four Working Groups

  • Identifiers, Names, and Discovery
  • Storage and Compute
  • Claims & Credentials
  • Integrations and Use Cases

Six Key Technologies

  • Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)
  • Universal Resolver (DID lookup)
  • Identity Hubs (datastores)
  • Sidetree DID/DPKI protocol
  • Verifiable Credentials (proofs)
  • Time & State Proofs (Chainpoint) 

Why blockchain for identity?

  • Well suited for DPKI
  • Not owned by any single entity 
  • Censorship resistant

Join DIF - help build the future of identity

Decentralized Identity Foundation

By Daniel Buchner

Decentralized Identity Foundation

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