Davide Faconti

A quick and uncomplete summary of what I did in 16 years


  • Founded the R&D team that became Pal Robotics (employe #1)


  • Tech Lead / CEO.


  • Software for simulation and real-time control.


  • Low level interface.


  • Lead of the mechanical team

Model-Driven Development

Delta robot for metrology

  • 5g acceleration!
  • 50 um precision!
  • Hard real-time (10 KHz loop)!


I was responsible for the path planning and control


Basic "Middleware"

More humanoids!

Darpa Robotic Challenge


  • Joined the IHMC team (second place at the DRC)


  • Developed from scratch the full-body control using Hierarchical "Stack of Tasks"



Eurecat Technology Center

  • Grape: robot for vineyard inspection
  • MAIC: mobile manipulator for the industry.
  • BehaviorTree.CPP (initially a RobMoSys project)


Blue Ocean Robotics

"Robotic Architect":

  • Involved in all the projects of the company.
  • Main focus: perception and navigation.
  • Responsible for the harmonization of the platform.
  • Implementation of new modules or improvement of old ones.
  • Coordinating the Visual-SLAM team


Things I have done

  • Architectural design of robotic hardware.
  • Components selection.
  • Low-level interfaces with hardware under real-time constraints.
  • Control or robotic arms or legs (kinematic, dynamic, path planning).
  • Autonomous Navigation (indoor and outdoor).
  • C++ optimizations and refactoring.
  • Some Perception....
  • High-level task planning.
  • Project Management.


Open Source contributions for fun and profit

  • PlotJuggler
  • BehaviorTree.CPP + Groot


  • Velodyne ROS driver
  • Intel RealSense ROS driver
  • Robosense ROS driver
  • MapViz
  • LOAM Velodyne
  • Lego-LOAM
  • PCL
  • iris_lama

About Me

By Davide Faconti