PlotJuggler: custom plots, filters and transformations

Things you will learn

  • Ready to use data filters for your every day needs.
  • Write your own function using Lua.

Analyze data with Filters

  1. Right click with the mouse and open "Apply filter to data..."
  2. You can apply a filter to any of the timeseries in the plot, for instance try the "Derivative" or "Scale/Offset"

Custom timeseries 1/X

  1. You can create a custom timeseries using Lua.
  2. Drag and Drop an "input timeseries" and write the body of the function that will transform the input into a new series.
  3. Check Learn Lua in 15 minutes, but you can stop after 5 minutes :)

Custom timeseries 2/X

  1. You can use multiple inputs, but keep in mind that all the data points MUST share the same time axis.
  2. Use the "Function Library" to save/load reusable functions. Double-click on the name of a function to load it.

Custom timeseries 3/X

  1.  When your function returns a single value (most common case) the new data point will use the same time as the input (X) but the returned value (Y).
  2. If your return two values, the first is the new time and the second is the new value.
  3. To skip a point, return no values with "{}"


Custom timeseries 4/X

PlotJuggler 03: data analysis

By Davide Faconti

PlotJuggler 03: data analysis

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