What I learned at IHMC

What did I "learn"?

Agile != stand up meeting

  • Doesn't matter how much you plan, your estimations are wrong. Embrace the change.



  • Deliver often intermediate deliverables.

Agile != stand up meeting

Sprint done right:

  • Burndown chart.
  • Well defined goals and deliverables.
  • Runnable deliverable (it might be a unit test).

Coding practices

Do it fast, do it often and more importantly, DO IT!

Unit tests and continuous integration

  • Continuous and painless releases.
  • There isn't "your code" anymore.
  • You actually code faster (yes, believe me).

Make your code human readable

  • Self explaining API.
  • Long names for variables.
  • Documentation... but that wasn't so good.

I saw the most amazing tool in robotics...

(and it is not ROS)

LOG everything...

...and visualize it.

Keep It Simple

Before starting a new development ask yourself:

  • Do I really need it?

  • Do I need it now?

  • Is there a simpler solution?

  • Do I ABSOLUTELY need to optimize it?

  • Ask yourself these questions 5 times.

Last but not least

Don't forget to have fun

and be proud of what you achieve

What I learned at IHMC

By Davide Faconti

What I learned at IHMC

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