Project Cognoma

OpenCon 2016

Washington, D.C.

3:00 PM on Sunday, November 13

Slides at

putting machine learning in the hands of cancer biologists

Cognoma Motto 1

machine learning

Predicting cancer mutations from gene expression

(using public domain TCGA data)

everyone learns something new

Cognoma Motto 2

Pull requests model for contribution

Contribution per user by GitHub repository

(when released)

OpenCon 2016 Presentation on Project Cognoma

By Daniel Himmelstein

OpenCon 2016 Presentation on Project Cognoma

Project Cognoma is an open source project to create a webapp for analyzing cancer data. We're a community-driven philanthropic project that began as a collaboration between the Greene Lab, DataPhilly, and Code for Philly. This presentation covers mobilizing community contributors for full stack data science. It's licensed as CC BY 4.0.

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