Why You Should Blog

How to Succeed

Justin James

Started a blog


it quickly fizzled?  

Not looking for a job so

why blog?

Want to Blog 


Not Sure How?

Don't have anything interesting to say


why blog?

We are going to solve all of these

What does success mean?

Not $$

Your Blog is Updated Regularly

Your Aren't Struggling for Topics

You Enjoy Blogging

Reasons to Blog

Brand Yourself


Presentation Support

Getting Started

Pick Blog Topic Theme

Get Domain Name

Pick Blog Features

Pick Blog Platform

Pick Topics

Pick Frequency

Creating Blog

Use Github Pages

Fork Existing Jekyll Repo

Rename Repo to

Make It Your Own

Configure Domain

Advertising Your Blog

Social Media

Search Engines

Commenting On Other Blogs

Aggregate Blogs 

Coding Time

Free Blogging Course

thank you

i'm Justin.


@digitaldrummerj - digitaldrummerj@gmail.com


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Why You Should Blog and How to Succeed

By Justin James

Why You Should Blog and How to Succeed

Walk thru steps to get a blog started

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