DevOps Yourself:

Fast-Track Your
Windows Development
Environment Setup

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  • Multiple clicks to get anywhere

  • Deja vu - sense of installing same software

  • Aarg! should have got 64 bit version

  • Darn it, installed it to directory with a space

  • etc

  • etc

Problems Solved

Finding Applications

  • Use Boxstarter Chocolatey package

  • Detects Needed Reboots

  • Re-starts install script after reboots


Bulk Install Packages

Installing Software

Install Chocolatey

    (new-object net.webclient).DownloadString

Install BoxStarter

    choco install -y BoxStarter

Install from Gist

    -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass 
    -Command "Install-BoxStarterPackage 
        -PackageName %temp%\\BoxstarterGist.txt"
    -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass 
    -Command "Install-BoxStarterPackage 
        -PackageName [Gist Url]"

Gist File - Windows Config


Set-CornerNavigationOptions -EnableUsePowerShellOnWinX


Set-TaskbarOptions -Size Small -Lock

Gist File - Chocolatey

chocolatey feature enable -n=allowGlobalConfirmation

choco install git 
choco install nodejs 
choco install visualstudiocode 
choco install GoogleChrome 

chocolatey feature disable -n=allowGlobalConfirmation

Gist File - Npm/Taskbar 


npm config set loglevel http
npm config set spin false

npm install -g ionic
npm install -g cordova

Gist File - Code Config

$vsCodeDir = "${env:appdata}\Code"

If ((Test-Path $vsCodeDir)) {
	cp "${env:temp}\VisualStudioCode_keybinding.json" 
	cp "${env:temp}\VisualStudioCode_UserSettings.json" 
else {  
   Write-Host "Error: Visual Studio Code Directory, $vsCodeDir is missing"

Gist File - Git Clone

$projectDir = "${env:systemdrive}\projects"

If (!(Test-Path $projectDir)) {
	New-Item -Path $projectDir -ItemType Directory

cd $projectDir

git clone ....

Wrap up

  1. Install Chocolatey

  2. Install Boxstarter

  3. Run Gist file

New Initial Instructions

thank you

DevOps Yourself: Fast Track Your Windows Dev Box Setup

By Justin James

DevOps Yourself: Fast Track Your Windows Dev Box Setup

Intro to Software Package Manager for Windows called Chocolatey.

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