Presentation Tips

Things to do and not to do

Font, Fonts, Fonts

Can you read this?

(from back of 4 row classroom)

This is more like it

(from back of 500 person auditorium)

Font Suggestions

  • 24 to 28 pt font for text

  • 40 pt font for heading

  • Use default light color schemes

  • Increase font in all programs being used

  • Higher the resolution, bigger the font

No option to change font?

Warning: Practice with it

Content is King

Bullet Points

  • Avoid

  • Excessive

  • Bullet-Pointing

  • Only

  • Bullet

  • Key

  • Points

  • Too

  • Many

  • Bullet-Points

  • And

  • Your

  • Key

  • Messages

  • Will

  • NOT

  • Stand

  • Out.

Don't Replace Bullets With...

  • Keep bullet points to minimum

  • Make bullets appear when you talk to them

  • Consider using images to reinforce slide 

  • Don't read slides word for word

  • Use handouts for detailed information

  • Don't be afraid to ditch the slides

Content Suggestions




  • Have the screen behind you

  • Make movement purposeful

  • Record yourself (audio & video)

  • Get a slide advancer


Logitech R400

Be able to quickly reset demos to starting point

Magic Reset Button

  • It is not a matter of if but when

  • Have a completed working version you can pull up

  • Never upgrade software before a demo

Demo Gods Hate Me

  • Don't be one of those that says "I will post this later today"

  • Post slides and demo code before the presentation

  • On the "About me" and last slide, put the link

Make Material Available

Many peeple do not run spel cheek before there presentation - BIG MISTAK!! Nothing makes you lok wors then speling erors.

Spelling Checker....

Day of / During

the Talk

  • If possible, perform tech check before talk

  • Before arriving start-up needed programs

  • Turn off any editor extensions / unused programs

  • Reset all themes back to default

  • Be able to plug in to projector and go

Are you ready?

  • You just finished your 60 minute presentation in 15 minutes.

  • Just lay off the caffeine before your talk

Too Much Caffeine

Can't believe the guy in the front row fell asleep?


What now?

Am I boring you?

You have to just run with it but..

  • Be excited about the topic

  • Engage the audience 

  • If you know the person, call them out

  • But maybe your slides really are boring and you need a different approach

Keep the Audience Awake

  • Use Code Snippets

  • Your typing skills will become non-existent

  • Don't mumble to yourself while typing

  • Don't debug on stage

Live Coding

  • Totally Acceptable

  • However, only if:

    • You spoke at the right pace

    • You got your point across

Darn It I Finished Early

  • time is up?

  • But I still got 20 more slides of material.

  • Please bear with me as I cover all 20 in the next 30 seconds

  • On your mark

  • Get set

  • Go.....

Times up

  • Respect your audience, don't cover the rest

  • Finish up current point

  • Go to slide that has url to slides

Times up, now what?

Slides are available at:

Thank you


Cmd Font Suggestions

  • Font:                           Lucida Console

  • Size:                            14 to 18 pt font 

  • Weight:                      Bold

  • Background Color:  Black

  • Text Color:                 Lime 

Visual Studio Fonts

  • Tools -> Options -> Fonts and Colors

  • Change:

    • Environment

    • Editor

    • Output Window

    • Auto/Local/Watch

    • Package Manager Console (if using)

Tips for Successful Technical Presentation

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Tips for Successful Technical Presentation

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