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PyCascades 2023 (Vancouver, BC)

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Passkeys, FIDO2, Python, & You

Aaron Y.

Post your questions in Remo

We will try our best to answer them at the end of the presentation. Thanks!

Next Meetup

Dec. 13 (pending talks)

Message one of @aaron.yong, @abram, @Carson Z.

or visit #meetup-edmontonpy on Dev Edmonton Slack

We are looking for presenters

Beginners are encouraged!

A talk just has to do with Python in some way 🐍

Social Game

A Pictionary-like game


  1. Go to the site
  2. Type in a name and click CREATE PRIVATE ROOM
  3. Share the Room URL with your table
  4. Use your table for localized banter 😄

November 2022

By EdmontonPy

November 2022

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