Can we predict

the future?




We can make a qualified guess by looking at our past.

Great nations rise and then fall

Cultural diversity has played a major part in the developement of human civilization throughout history.

Famous predictors

of the future

Pythia - The Oracle of Delphi


Cassandra - The Cassandra syndrome



"Death Clock"

John Collier - Priestess of Delphi

Nostradamus by his son Cesar

Rasputin - Photo by unknown

Wilhelm Burger - Nornorna Urd, Verdandi och Skuld

Do you Believe it's possible to predict the future?

Since the 70's we're using the natural resources of one and a half planet.


Is our modern civilization doomed to collapse from an ecological perspective?

What can we do as a society?

What can we, as private Citizens, do?

What do you think is the most likely future downfall of our western civilization?

World War (nuclear/biological)

Natural disaster

Global warming

Economic collapse


A slow deteriation of society is perhaps more likely?



How can we prepare for the future?



What does the scientific community say about the future of our society?

Let's do a search for some scientific papers together!

How do you source check scientific papers or articles? What is peer reviewed?


How do you read a scientific book/paper/article?

How do you refer to and quote from a scientific text?



Snatch- and grab

and more...

The reading tactics differ from when you read fiction

How to read a scientific paper

How to approach a scientific text

Abstract - Gives you the Why (Syfte)


Conclusion - Gives you the How (Metod och resultat)

How to analyse a scientific paper

  • What is the content of the paper?
  • What kind of analysis is the author using?
  • Does the author prove his/her hypothesis?
  • Give examples

Research is building knowledge on previous science.

The goal of scientific research is to test your hypothesis through research.

The structure of a scientific paper is (almost) always the same.

You are going to do a written test further on and also use your text for the time capsule.


For your preparation we are going to work with Keynote cards that will help you create a context.

This way you will be able to prepare the theme, vocabulary and sources for your written exam.

Can we predict the future

By Emma Lindgren

Can we predict the future

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