Forskning visar att högläsning stärker

både starka och svaga läsare.


Resultaten i läsförståelse ökar.


Alla elever är på samma ställe i boken.


Vi kan diskutera handling och innehåll tillsammans, alla förstår.


Ni behöver inte läsa boken hemma på fritiden.

Läsa högt för gymnasielever, varför?

Non Pratt

Non Pratt is an English YA writer. She started writing stories when she was fourteen and has published seven books so far.

She has said that she writes the stories she wants to read and creates characters she would like to meet.


Imagine that, aged 13, you and your closest friends got together and created a secret box – full of precious things and secrets.


Then imagine five years later you meet up to open the box, but one person is no longer there…


Four childhood friends meet up at their old school to retrieve a memory box they hid five years ago. The box is full of secrets that some of them does not want to reveal.

When they hid the box, there were five of them and now there's only four. Millie is no longer with them. 


They made a promise to Millie to open the box and you

"can't break a promise to the dead".  


One is brave, one is sensitive, one is funny, one is kind and one is missed.




Growing up


Falling apart


Keeping secrets


Peaceful reading

We read for approximately 15 minutes, then take a short break and talk about the text, then we read for another 15 minutes.


During this time we listen respectfully. If you have to leave to use the bathroom etc, do it quietly. Don't disturb the rest of the group.


If there are words or sentences that you don't understand in the text, let us know so we can figure them out together.


By Emma Lindgren


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