We were liars

Forskning visar att högläsning stärker

både starka och svaga läsare.


Resultaten i läsförståelse ökar.


Alla elever är på samma ställe i boken.


Vi kan diskutera handling och innehåll tillsammans, alla förstår.


Ni behöver inte läsa boken hemma på fritiden.

Läsa högt för gymnasielever, varför?


E. Lockhart is the pseudonym for Emily Jenkins, an American writer and literature professor. Lockhart is her grandmother's maiden name that Jenkins uses when she writes for a Young Adult audience. She has also published children's books and two novels for adults under her own name. 

As E. Lockhart, she has won several awards for the books We were liars and The disreputable history of Frankie Landau-Banks.


The book centers around a wealthy family on the American east coast.


The main characters are the three cousins Cady,

Johnny and Mirren,

and their friend and foster cousin Gat.



Two years ago, Cady was in an accident on the family's private Island off the American east coast. She was badly hurt and is since the accident suffering from severe headaches and memory loss. No one in Cady's family wants to talk about what happened that summer two years ago, but she is determined to go back to the island to remember.



The story takes place both in present time, when the seventeen-year-old Cady returns to the family's summer home on Beechwood Island, as well as two years ago when Cady was fifteen years old.


Slowly the terrible truth about what happened to Cady starts to unfold.


Class is a big theme in the book. The Sinclair family is a very wealthy and privileged family. Cady wrestles questions about ownership/possession, responsibility and guilt.


Family relationships is another big theme in the book. In the Sinclair family, the surface is everything. However, underneath, power struggles, bitterness and grief are boiling.


For the most part of the year, the Sinclair family lives in Boston, Burlington, Cambridge and New York.


However, the story is set mainly on Beechwood Island, which is a small private island off the coast of Massachusetts, near Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.


They are all athletic, tall and handsome, oldmoney democrats.

They are blonde, beautiful and merry. Their smiles are wide, their chins square and their tennis serves are aggressive.  

The first Sinclairs came to America on the Mayflower.

No one is a criminal, no one is an addict, no one is a failure.  

Some of them are liars.

Peaceful reading

We read for approximately 15 minutes, then take a short break, then we read for another 15 minutes.


During this time we listen respectfully. If you have to leave to use the bathroom etc, do it quietly. Don't disturb the rest of the Group.


We need to set up a few ground rules.

Let's discuss!

Let's Kahoot!

The Mayflower and the Pilgrims


Seperatist - Puritans

Creative flow Writing exercise

1. Close your Eyes and take a minute or two to listen to the Music. What does it make you FEEL?​

(colours, memories, tastes, seasons, people, places?)


2. Write down what you feel or see.

There is no right or wrong here just keep Writing!

Write to the music


Listen to the Music and

write how it makes you feel 



Music, like Reading, engages both hemispheres of your brain.

Stimulating parts of your brain so you can

access creativity and imagination.


  • We read part three: Summer seventeen.
  • We practice Peaceful Reading.


  • We read part four: Look, a Fire.
  • We practice Peaceful Reading.


  • We read part five: Truth.
  • We practice Peaceful Reading.

We were liars

By Emma Lindgren

We were liars

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