3DVR Caveats and Accomplishments

PublicVR and its Relevance to 3DVR and Virtual Heritage

Erik Champion (CAA session 16.03.2016: 9:30 AM - 9:50 AM )


Public VR: virtues

  • Free and easy download of various models
  • Instructions +  publications, professionals
  • Various formats (Unreal, Unity)


  • Continual feedback and review missing

  • Frozen products
  • Lack of situated agency
  • No dynamic linked resources
  • Designed mostly by one individual
  • Sense of scale and proportion
  • Lacks rich range of interactivity
  • No inherent measuring or analytical tools


presentation, pointing, skills transfer, authenticity,  usage


Lessons Learnt

Identity: academic ownership, levels of authenticity

Space: research into presentation features

Place: Affordances in inhabitation, eye view, multi-interaction

Artistic spaces

Rusaila Bazlamit <super.devoika@gmail.com>

Archives into VEs

Michael Wiebrands


Camera tracking

Camera-tracked, mirrored gestures


CAA2017: PublicVR

By Erik Champion

CAA2017: PublicVR

CAA2017http://caaconference.org/ presentation, 15 minutes including questions, Thursday 16 March, Atlanta

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