• Screen Tourism and Affective Landscapes

  • Screen Tourism and Affective Landscapes

  • Minimal

  • EnterpriseFellowshipReport

  • deck


  • AR/VR at Curtin University-Humanities

  • ComPDA-Cologne

    Games People Dig-System or Experience? Communicating the Past talk: [Cologne 12-13 October 2018] https://communicatingthepast.hcommons.org

  • Turin

    Game prototyping workshop

  • DH pathways forum


  • Projects

    Draft projects for 2018

  • Mixed Reality

    Very short talk, 23 May, 2017, Albany WA Australia. What can VR and AR be used for regards cultural heritage?

  • 2017-Curtin-Digital Humanities&Libraries

    Short talk on 28 April 2017 to Karen Miller's class, asked to respond to 6 questions. Venue: Curtin University.

  • CAA2017: PublicVR

    CAA2017http://caaconference.org/ presentation, 15 minutes including questions, Thursday 16 March, Atlanta

  • new knowledge environments

  • Critical Gaming book launch

    10 minute talk on the influences and ideas of the book 2015 "Critical Gaming Interactive History and Virtual Heritage"

  • #GLAMVR16 26.08.2016

    GLAMVR16 Short talks and workshops based around 3 themes: 1.Digital Heritage: Workflows & issues in preserving, exporting & linking digital collections (especially heritage collections for GLAM. 2.Scholarly Making: Encourage makerspaces & other activities in tandem with academic research. 3.Experiential Media: Develop AR/VR & other new media technology & projects esp. for humanities.

  • Cultural Makathon

    The 10 - 11 November 2016 event, Curtin Cultural Makathon, hosted at the Curtin University Library Makerspace.