Digital Humanities...I DIDN'T DO IT MY WAY..

1. Research interests and some projects


Heritage/Archaeology, Game Design, Infrastructure, VR, Place Presence and Phenomenology, Teaching..

2. What is Digital Humanities”,  describes your work?


  • “Here’s some advice boy. Don’t put your trust in revolutions. They always come around again. Thats why they’re called revolutions.” - Night Watch
  • What is DH? ..computing services & resources or changes in Humanities due to the digital?
    Humanities investigates the values and meanings that define culture and society, DH should support this contextually..
  • Me? You decide..

Rusaila Bazlamit

 3. DH skills, knowledge, abilities req. to succeed?

  • Digital humanities allow scholars to make, link & share making, RELATIVELY new concept for the humanities.
  • PROBLEM-SOLVING (Fluency not just literacy)
  • CO-OPERATION & COLLABORATION: The audience is instant, everywhere, and a partner, for infrastructure requires users.
  • CREATIVITY: “Become producers / creators in collaboration with scholars rather than servants to them.” by Micah Vandegrift

4. DH projects librarians or archivists contributed to?

“We develop open source software and open access content, in collaboration with UVa faculty and grads, and fellow librarians. We're committed to collaborative work, publicly shared.” http://scholarslab.org/

5. What sort of DH contribution librarians or archivists can make (eg teaching & learning; research; partnerships) in the academic library, public library, archival institutions?

6. Advice to aspiring librarians or archivists  interested in DH in their future careers?

Digital Humanities and Open Access: An Interview with Brett Bobley of the NEH USA
"..digital humanities (or DH for short) is just an umbrella term – a term of convenience –that refers to a whole bunch of activities happening where the humanities interacts with technology.
Perhaps one skill that most (but not all) scholars may find helpful is the ability to work collaboratively. The vast majority of the DH grants we make are to teams of people from different disciplines working together .. more Internet-based humanities resources, databases, scholarly editions, and digital libraries that make incredible resources available for free."

2017-Curtin-Digital Humanities&Libraries

By Erik Champion

2017-Curtin-Digital Humanities&Libraries

Short talk on 28 April 2017 to Karen Miller's class, asked to respond to 6 questions. Venue: Curtin University.

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