• Team Event - September 2023

    Team event - How to make french crepes !

  • Developer 101 - Transitioning from ECS to K8s

    Developer 101 - How to transition from ECS to K8s

  • Realtime Processing

  • 110Lab Assemblée Générale 2021

  • GitOps

  • Kubernetes Management Strategy

  • Ops-Talks #05

    OpsTalks #05 - Kafka

  • [*]Flow Pipelines

    Design session around Airflow and MLFlow

  • Ops-Talks #04

    OpsTalks #04 - Hugo Static Site Generator & Preact

  • Ops-Talks #03

    OpsTalks #03 - K8s & ECS

  • Ops-Talks #02

    OpsTalks #02 - AVRO

  • Ops-Talks #01

    OpsTalks #01 - Terraform

  • Ops-Talks [template]

    OpsTalks - Knowledge worth sharing

  • Transition - Musée Éphémère

  • devs-back-into-devops

    Put Devs back into DevOps with Atlantis * Medium Blog post >>> https://link.medium.com/LJBz19SIecb

  • Under the hood

    Under the hood

  • Python Clean Code

    Tooling to make your coding time easier !

  • Workflows & Pipeline - Breath of Fresh Air With Apache Airflow

  • Confluent Healthcheck Feedback

    Feedback from Confluent-Healthcheck for @GumGum

  • Prometheus - How we ditched our legacy monitoring systems

    Learn how we ditched our legacy monitoring systems at @GumGum and how we transitioned to a modern / flexible monitoring solution based on Prometheus eco-system. We will spend time going over today's monitoring challenges and see how a Prometheus / Consul / Grafana eco-system can help you monitor a modern stack.

  • Extreme DevOps Automation

    Extreme DevOps Automation; Building a pipeline of Packer, Terraform & Elastigroup Building a reliable and effective deployment pipeline can become a real effort. We’ve gathered the best of breed tools in the market into a one, integrated pipeline that bakes VM / Containers images, provisions infrastructure and manage all of that at extreme scale. Join us in this upcoming webinar to hear from the DevOps experts at Gumgum how they overcame and managed to implement one of the most reliable and fast deployment pipelines. The recording can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TELIFPRK-9k&t=2013s

  • Delivering quality automations with Ansible, Molecule and Drone

  • AWS 360°

    AWS 360° is an introduction to AWS and automation with Terraform. This project is meant for teaching AWS Cloud concepts to master degree students. The idea is to spin up an entire AWS infrastructure using Terraform and discover multiple ways to interact with this cloud provider (AWS Console / Aws-cli / SDKs). Once the infrastructure is fully up, we will see how Terraform can help managing such an AWS environment, and deploy similar environments such as staging and dev. The "DevOps 360°" (https://slides.com/floriandambrine/devops360) course can then leverage the AWS infrastructure to teach how to use a configuration management tool such as Ansible. You can find all the git repositories used in this course matching aws-360-* here https://github.com/Lowess

  • Ansible Role Breakdown and Testing enhancement

  • Data-Science from a monolith to micro-services

  • {JSON} Logging Platform at scale

  • Ansible-Container - Build and release Docker containers with CI/CD Pipelines


  • GumRef V2

    GumRef V2

  • Terraform Gotchas

    You will find in theses slides a couple of gotchas / tips / frustrations I have been facing while learning Terraform and setting up an entire AWS region with it involving more than 10 AWS services.

  • GumRef - Code Pipelines with Docker, Ansible Container, Jenkinsfiles, AWS ECS

  • DevOps 360°

    DevOps 360° is an introduction to automation with Ansible. This project is meant for teaching automation to Master students. The idea is to spin up virtual machines, install and configure servers to run a Python (Flask) Webapp. This Webapp relies on a Mysql backend. Once the infrastructure is fully up, we will see how Ansible can help orchestrate, deploy / rollback or do blue / green deployments. Finally you will learn about writing modern CI / CD / CDD pipelines with Drone in order to Build / Test / Release and Deploy software on AWS. You can find all the git repositories used in this course matching devops-360-* here https://github.com/Lowess

  • Gumgum Hackathon 2016 - Gumbox

    Gumbox is the name of the tool I developed during the 48 hours GumGum's Hackathon. Its a python wrapper on top Docker (https://www.docker.com/), using images built from Ansible (https://www.ansible.com/) automations created by Ansible-Container (https://www.ansible.com/ansible-container) making developers life better!

  • Test-Driven Infrastructure with Ansible

    GumGum's operations team manages over 800 EC2 instances using around 100 Ansible roles that touch technologies like Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Storm, and Kafka among others. Today’s operation team uses automations to provision, configure and build AWS AMIs and production clusters. Automations have become a critical resource we need to make 100% reliable. In this presentation you will learn: • Brief review of Ansible key concepts • How to write testable and reliable ansible roles (configure, test and cleanup) using Ansible itself (no extra learning needed) • How to continuously integrate and test Ansible automations using Jenkins 2.0 Pipelines and Docker • Key lessons learned while using Ansible in a fast growing environment. Video of the talk: • https://youtu.be/GWpMOclvfuQ Interviews: • http://www.gumgum.com/2016/11/18/florian-dambrine-talks-devops-tiad-paris/ • http://blog.d2-si.fr/2016/10/25/transformation-devops-gumgum/

  • C'est quoi un DevOps

    Plus de 1000 instances EC2 sur le Cloud AWS, une centaine de playbooks Ansible gérant des outils comme Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Storm et Kafka : le challenge relevé quotidiennement par les équipes d’infrastructure de GumGum fait de l’automatisation une ressource critique qui se doit d’être fiable à 100%. Pour répondre aux impératifs métier de mises en production fréquentes, la mise en place d’une organisation DevOps est une condition sine qua non. Nous verrons à travers cette présentation ce qu'est un DevOps, les outils qu'il utilise, et les différents projets qu'il est ammené à réaliser.

  • Ansible Tips And Tricks

    Florian Dambrine (floriandambrine.com) from GumGum will share tips, tricks, best practices, observations, and feedback from using Ansible at GumGum. GumGum's operations team manages over 500 EC2 instances using over 60 Ansible roles that touch technologies like Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Storm, and Kafka among others. The talk will include a brief overview of Ansible along with plenty of great content from working with Ansible in the trenches, followed by Q and A, making this event ideal for both newbies and veterans. This is a special treat as Florian is in Los Angeles for just a brief time before returning to France. A BIG "thank you" goes to GumGum (gumgum.com) for sponsoring both the venue and food. Please RSVP on meetup.com for this event. general directions and parking: http://smpl.org/mainlibrary.aspx venue particulars: http://smpl.org/Services/Meeting_and_Study_Rooms/Multipurpose_Room.aspx Another special thank you to GumGum for hosting this event! GumGum is the leading in-image and in-screen advertising platform, driving brand engagement for advertisers and increased revenue for publishers across every screen. Our commitment to making brand advertising work better through technology and media drives higher viewability, relevance and brand engagement than standard display advertising.