Terraform gotchas

Florian Dambrine - Senior Devops Engineer @GumGum

#1 - decouple tfstate files

#2 - leverage terraform_remote_state

#3 - re-expose module outputs if you want to access them with datasources

#4 - Module dependencies / Using outputs as module inputs

#5 - value of 'count' can not be computed

$ terraform plan
Error configuring: 1 error(s) occurred:

* aws_sns_topic_subscription.example: value of 'count' cannot be computed

#6 - count can be evil (forces new resources)

Terraform Gotchas

By Florian Dambrine

Terraform Gotchas

You will find in theses slides a couple of gotchas / tips / frustrations I have been facing while learning Terraform and setting up an entire AWS region with it involving more than 10 AWS services.

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