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Top of funnel optimisation


Intent of weekend vs weekday leads

  • pathetic leads don't affect the distribution of intent values
  • there is little difference in intent values no intent, low and high  for weekend and weekdays leads
  • weekdays leads have somewhat higher number of medium intent values
  • weekday leads have higher priority than weekend ones

Rate of Scheduling vs Intent


Mark: I’m curious if low intent people are consuming a lot of space on calendars.


Lead intent classifier


Lead Intent API


>  {
>    "situation": "defined_project",
>    "open_for_remote": "yes",
>    "ready_to_start": "not_sure"
>  }

<  { "lead_intent": 2 }

Add lead intent to companies.csv


Engagements with non-standard payment terms

Lists all companies and engagements with non-standard terms


Factorable Amount - a rough calculation to show how much money we will need to have on hand to cover the developers while the clients still haven't paid us.

Business case: We are getting more and more enterprise clients with non-standard payment terms, and we need to make sure we understand this at all times for cash flow and operational reasons.

Other great stuff

  • Bad vs bad week comparison
  • Move "Maturity Interval" into main filter form (Company Steps)
  • Fix Interview Decision Duration KPI

Analytics Demo, Dec 10

By Gleb Kanterov

Analytics Demo, Dec 10

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