salvēte comitēs!

(hi friends!)

salvē comes!

(hi friend!)

Gradus Latīnus Alter


Colloquia III minūta

  • Discuss the daily activities of Roman citizens, including work, leisure, and family life. Use words like "labōrō" (to work), "domus" (house), "familia" (family), and "cēna" (dinner).
  • Talk about traveling within the Roman Empire using words like "iterum" (journey), "mare" (sea), "flūmen" (river), and "nāvis" (ship). Discuss different locations, such as "urbs" (city) and "īnsula" (island).
  • Have conversations about Roman gods and goddesses, using words like "deus" (god), "dea" (goddess), "templum" (temple), and "caelum" (sky).
  • Discuss famous Latin authors, their works, and the beauty of the Latin language. Use words like "verbum" (word), "epistula" (letter), "nārrāre" (to tell), and "scrībere" (to write).
  • Talk about the Roman army, famous battles, and military strategies. Use words like "mīles" (soldier), "legiō" (legion), "gladius" (sword), "pugnāre" (to fight), and "bellum" (war).
  • Discuss Roman social classes, politics, and important figures in Roman history. Use words like "senātor" (senator), "Rōmānus" (Roman), "cīvis" (citizen), "imperātor" (emperor), and "rēx" (king).
  • Talk about the various forms of entertainment in Ancient Rome, such as gladiator fights, chariot races, and theater. Use words like "spectō" (to watch), "lūdī" (games), and "tūrba" (crowd).


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