salvēte comitēs!

(hi friends!)

salvē comes!

(hi friend!)

Gradus Latīnus Tertius Honorātus


Colloquia IV minūta

  • Describing a journey: Have students describe a journey they took or imagine one they would like to take. They can discuss the places they visited, such as a fluvius (river), īnsula (island), oppidum (town), or ōceanus (ocean). They can also talk about the means of transportation they used, such as an equus (horse) or a lectīca (litter).
  • Comparing cities: Have students discuss and compare two ancient cities, such as Athens and Rome. They can use vocabulary related to the culture, such as Graecus (Greek), Rōmānus (Roman), and Latīnus (Latin). They can also discuss the size of the cities using magnus (big) and parvus (small).
  • Describing a family: Students can describe their own family or create an imaginary family. They can use vocabulary like pater (father), māter (mother), fīlius (son), fīlia (daughter), līberī (children), servus (slave), and dominus (master). They can also describe the members of the family using adjectives such as laetus (happy), īrātus (angry), probus (good), and improbus (wicked).
  • Discussing a day at school: Students can talk about their day at school, discussing the lessons they learned, the teachers they interacted with, and the friends they talked to. They can use vocabulary like numerus (number), littera (letter), vocābulum (word), capitulum (chapter), syllaba (syllable), and pēnsum (assignment).
  • Describing a scene from a play: Have students imagine they are attending a Roman play and describe a scene they witnessed. They can use vocabulary like scaena (scene), persōna (character), oculus (eye), lacrima (tear), and ōstium (door). They can also describe the emotions of the characters using adjectives such as laetus (happy) and īrātus (angry).

Tabernae Optimae Pessimaeque

  • Think about a shop
  • Do you like it?
  • What does it sell?
  • How expensive are things?
  • Do you buy anything from it?


  • Use a variety of vocabulary
  • Use a variety of constructions (let's make use of those cases!)
  • Make it easy to follow


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