micro payments solution 

jaro@mysterium.network, 2021-05-05

What is
Mysterium Network?

A distributed network of nodes that are providing VPN service in exchange for crypto curency.

  • OpenSource project
  • A distributed network of nodes providing networking services
  • Introduces incentivization for exit nodes
  • Permission-less platform for VPNs, proxies, scraping and other geo-unlocking and censorship resistance tools builders

How does it work?

Micro(nano) payments

  1. trustless and permissionless
  2. globally available
  3. instant and often tx (e.g. each minute)
  4. tx size = parts of a penny

Payment promises

digital cheques





Alice can over promise   =   double spending problem

Hermes protocol

  1. Providers can aggregate promises
  2. Consumers can top-up via any wallet
  3. Settlement can be done at any moment
  4. Hermes is non-custodial party

settle multiple promises from many consumers via single on-chain tx

even from exchanges

can be each hour or once in a month

he can't stop a transaction or take users money

Communication with Hermes

Request based communication with Hermes

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Introduction into Mysterium Network payments system

By Jaro

Introduction into Mysterium Network payments system

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