What is
Mysterium Network?

A distributed network of nodes that are providing VPN service in exchange for crypto curency.

  • OpenSource project
  • A distributed network of nodes providing networking services
  • Introduces incentivization for exit nodes
  • Permission-less platform for VPNs, proxies, scraping and other geo-unlocking and censorship resistance tools builders

How does it work?

Main challenges

  1. Not controlled environment
  2. Backward compatibility
  3. Many networking configurations
  4. Micro(nano) payments
  5. Chicken and egg problem

consumers & providers - who to acquire first?

Not controlled environment

Support for many OS

Run on different hardware

  • Using Golang
  • CI is building for many platforms
  • Providing binary, deb and docker
  • Apps can be build by using
    • rest API
    • static linking

Backward compatibility

Mysterium is not SaaS

We can't control when people will upgrade their software

  • Backward compatibility for at least 2 prev versions
  • Using unattended-upgrades for debian based os
  • New desktop app will have auto-upgrade feature

Many network configurations

Up to 7 hops until external IP

We can't control environment, local network configuration, firewalls ...

Our "NAT hole punching" ensures plug&play experience in 70% of cases

Unfortunately sometimes manual port forwarding is required

And some rare configurations are not supported

Micro(nano) payments

  1. trustless and permissionless
  2. globally available
  3. instant and often tx (e.g. each minute)
  4. tx size = parts of a penny

Payment promises

digital cheques





Alice can over promise   =   double spending problem

Hermes protocol

  1. Providers can aggregate promises
  2. Consumers can top-up via any wallet
  3. Settlement can be done at any moment
  4. Hermes is non-custodial party

settle multiple promises from many consumers via single on-chain tx

even from exchanges

can be each hour or once in a month

he can't stop a transaction or take users money

Chicken and egg problem

consumers & providers - who to acquire first?

Bounty program for node providers

Mysterium Apps

Android & MacOSX
reference implementation applications


Run your node

Code on top of Mysterium

Join the future!


Mysterium Network introduction

By Jaro

Mysterium Network introduction

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