MVC, server-side scripting, and the future of web development

CSIT570  12/12/2013


Final exam == class presentation
Thursday the 19th (next week) 5:30pm

Class Presentation requirements

Your project must be online and working (use your msuweb account or whatever hosting you may have)
** Slides are not required, but they will probably help you **

Your presentation must include the following:
  1. an introduction to yourself and
    your background in web development
  2. a description of your project
  3. a viewing of your project wireframe
  4. demo of your site and all of its functionality
  5. a viewing of your documentation

final project rubric

  • Appropriate project theme: 10pts
  • 5+ properties per object: 20pts
  • 20+ objects in feed: 30pts
  • pull in feed to web page: 30pts
  • search all: 40pts
  • search by property: 20pts
  • wireframe: 10pts
  • documentation: 20pts
  • styling of page and responsiveness: 30pts
  • Clear understandable presentation: 40 pts

Total: 250pts

Today's topics

  • MVC architecture
  • JavaScript frameworks
  • server-side scripting with JavaScript
  • programming hardware with JavaScript



data, behavior, functions to update View
and Controller with any updates. stores PERSISTENT state.

user interface updated by Model

controls and sends commands to the Model. stores APPLICATION state.

Model view controller

MOdel View Controller

This is a software architecture widely adopted by most programming languages, and increasingly becoming popular in web development.

Choosing an architecture like MVC makes it easier to manage large-scale and complex web applications.

Examples of MVC Frameworks for javascript developers

Toolkits for creating your own javascript frameworks

in-class activity

We're going to dive into Ember together!

Go to 
and download the Starter Kit and unzip it

javascript is not just 

for the client side


Allows you to run a server using JavaScript for web applications, and also...

hardware and js

node bots + arduino

MVC, server-side scripting, and the future of web development

By Jenn Schiffer

MVC, server-side scripting, and the future of web development

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