How to process PointClouds in QGIS Processing

Licencia (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Geopcamp ES 2018
20 October 2018 - Madrid

Luigi Pirelli



Who am I

15 years working on Satellite Ground Segments for

Landsat, Cryosat, MODIS, Sentinel...


Since 2006 in QGIS/GRASS


QGIS Core developer

and Plugin developer/trainer


Founder of GFOSS.it

Italian OSGEO Local Chapter


Founder of QGIS.es

Spanish QGIS user group

Coautor of "Mastering QGIS"


QGIS Python Programming Cookbook


Pointcloud Data Abstraction Library



PDAL Strongest Features

Why is better than LAStools and Whitebox

PDAL Weakest Features

Why is in some cases you still need LAStools and Whitebox

  • 1 core only (paralelization via scripting)
  • No native GPU acceleration (BTW can be used in python/numpy filters)

Why PDALtools

QGIS Processing integration

  • Backend chaining
    • GRASS, SAGA, QGIS Native, GDAL/OGR,...
    • LAStools or WhiteBox
  • Automatic GUI generation
  • Integration if a full featured GIS as QGIS

Dev for CartoLab during GeoMove project

!!! #ShowMeTheCode !!!

Here when any leecher falls

( sanguijuelas ;-)

QUIZ Time 1

In a LAS file what could be the ScanAngle of the horizont?

QUIZ Time 2

The sun affects scan intesity


Yes?                           No?

Demo from GeoMove...

Hire a QGIS Core Developer

Luigi Pirelli








Licence: (CC BY-SA 3.0)

PDAL PointCloud analisys in QGIS Processing

By Luigi Pirelli

PDAL PointCloud analisys in QGIS Processing

Example how to use PDALtools in the QGIS Processing toolbox

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