Linking C++ and JS with PYTHON

involving QGIS C++ APIs, PyQGIS, QWebKit and PyQt

Case study: Geosisma a QGIS plugin

Who am I

15 year working on Spatial Ground Segments
Landsat, Cryosat, MODIS, Sentinel...

Since 2006 in QGIS/GRASS

QGIS Core developer
WMS Legend support in legend and composer
Saving style in Spatialite
Add SVG support to Mapserver/SLD interface
Bug fixing
Plugin porting and developing

Founder of
Italian OSGEO Local Chapter

Co-Author of Mastering QGIS

Reviewer for

QGIS Python Programming Cookbook

QGIS (mainly C++)

QT  (C++)

SIP (Python2C++/C binder)

What is QGIS

Geographic Information System

What is Geosisma

Online/Offline Earthquake Damage Inventory Tool

Offline Functional Specifications 

  • Cache preparing integrating other project code

  • Download "Requests" based on User Credentials using REST APIs

  • Fill "Safety report" with "Request" data

  • Associate Cadastral Polygon to "Safety report"

  • Edit Cadastral Polygons

  • The same  Online behavior (zooming, auto-complete, data validation)  

  • Upload "Safety reports" and cadastral poligons using public REST APIs

I'm a lazy developer

reuse, reuse, reuse,  reuse,  reuse,  reuse,  reuse          

What About HTML5?

Main usable feature for Geosisma Offline

  • Caching (Offline capability)

  • Persistence (Session and Local storage)

  • Platform Independent

Re-use Online Form

  • Created using Django
  • Complex specification (Form validation and logic)
  • Re-using final form rendering
  • Minimal modifications
  • Follow evolution (next will be mobile)


Insert the Online form inside QGIS

...Brighton 10th QGIS Hackfest...

"first" (secret) prototype

tech available since 2011

QgisD3 by Luca Casagrande

QgisD3 Python Plugin

a never published plugin

The architecture


  • Instantiate WebView

  • Configure WebView (QWebSettings)

  • Instantiate Bridge class

  • (optional) add listener to Bridges's events

  • Inject Bridge in JS (addToJavaScriptWindowObject)

  • inject JS code to evaluate (eg. a JS bridge methods - evaluateJavaScript)

WebView2Container Bridge

  • Def PY slots called by JS
        @pyqtSlot(<params definition>)
        def slotName(self, records):

  • (optional) define out signals - pyqtSignal()

WebView (JS)

sourcing JS bridge (Container2WebView bridge)


Luigi Pirelli - @ginetto

Work committed by: Faunalia (
Licence: (CC BY-SA 3.0)

QGIS: Linking C++ and JS with Python

By Luigi Pirelli

QGIS: Linking C++ and JS with Python

"Geosisma offline" is QGIS plugin in which Python is used to link QGIS(c++) with web technologies (JS). Main tech used involve C++, Qt, PyQT, SIP, PyQGIS and QWebKit

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