dream lab x minimal computing

setting up your development & editing environment


what will *we* use?

1: tools

  • Docker: A "containerization tool" that bundles software needed for Wax (e.g, Jekyll, etc.) into a disposable, virtual computer (kinda)

  • Git: An open source software for tracking and committing changes to various files

  • Command Line Interface: (e.g., Terminal, GitBash): a non-graphical, text-driven interface for telling your computer to do things, e.g., run Wax's processing tasks or serve your site to a browser.

  • Text Editor (e.g., Atom): a program for editing files in "plain-text," (as opposed to "rich text") that is geared towards machine-readability and re-usability.

  • Web Browser (e.g., Firefox): a graphical interface for rendering sites and site data (can render "local" as well as "remote" content)

what will *we* use?

2: services

  • Google Sheets & Drive: service/platform for storing and sharing content

  • GitHub: service/platform for storing and sharing content using Git. Recently acquired and run by Microsoft. Will also publish static sites for free.

in other words...

We'll use Terminal (Mac) or GitBash (Windows)

as an interface to communicate to

(1) Docker, to run our site-generating software, and

(2) Git, to track and publish changes to GitHub.


We'll author our metadata in Google Sheets

and will export it as a CSV file.


We'll add our CSV along with our image data, content (in  Markdown format), and configuration (in YAML format) to our project using Atom.


Dream Lab x Minimal Computing 2

By marii

Dream Lab x Minimal Computing 2

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