• ICALEPCS'21: BLISS at the heart of ESRF data acquisition

    Poster about BLISS for ICALEPCS'21

  • Beamline experiments with BLISS @ ESRF

  • From spec to Python, BLISS for EBS @ ESRF

  • HKL workshop


  • Débuter en Python

  • 2nd BLISS ISDD Seminar

  • BLISS from 2018 and beyond

  • DLS presentation - BLISS: experiments control of ESRF EBS beamlines

  • mxcubemeeting_dls_lessismore

    A proposal to enhance collaboration

  • A strategy for BLISS

  • BLISS ISDD Seminar

  • (final) ICALEPCS 2017 - BLISS: experiments control of ESRF EBS beamlines

  • Flexhcd control

  • Experiments control of EBS beamlines - MEX day out

  • MXCuBE3, Past Present Future

  • bliss@cbs_day_out

  • git workflow and branches - MXCuBE meeting

    Git branches and workflow

  • blctrlsw_fault_mxcube3

  • Git training for BCU

    Git refresher for BCU

  • Web applications data persistence for MXCuBE 3

    A case study about web applications data persistence, and what to do for MXCuBE 3

  • MXCuBE 3 development toolchain

    MXCuBE 3 frontend development toolchain

  • Continuous scans configuration

    Discussion on Continuous Scans configuration @ BCU day out

  • Web applications

    Web applications UI - for discussion @ BCU day out

  • pyenv

    Presentation of pyenv @ Python User Group Grenoble

  • Emotion: Status & Future

    SB Day Out

  • MASSIF control software stack

    Leveraging latest ESRF developments and new insights