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May 29, 2014


  • Overview and introductions (or why are we here)
  • Psychology project - Rajiv Jhangiani
  • Physics project update - Tak Sato
  • Roundtable
  • Next steps

Quick introductions:

        • name and department
        • one question, idea, or plan for using open resources

Psychology Update


Physics Update


PHYS 1100

  • 5 sections, 3 semesters, 4 faculty, 149 students
  • 149 x $187.15= $27, 885.35
  • College Physics:

Tak Says... 

In the real world “The Perfect Textbook for My Course” doesn’t exist. 

    • We can keep searching for the perfect book;
    • We can write our own;
    • We can accept and embrace what exists;
    • We can produce supplements.

However, with OER:

    • We can make edits that are a closer match to my course’s needs;
    • E-books are reasonable to ask students to bring to class every day;
    • I control the revisions and edition changes.

( / CC BY 2.5 CA

Feedback from KPU Open Event - March 10

What type of support or assistance do you need ?

  • time   (more time to research, modify and adopt)
  • more opportunities to learn
  • coordination of ministry departments or entire programs
  • discussion with students about these issues – let’s talk to students and the KSA
  • funding for release time or researcher to identify current resources
  • demystify open textbook creation

Feedback from KPU Open Event - March 10

Suggestions for follow-up:

  • training for faculty so they aren't afraid of tech level of expertise required
  • institution-wide information initiative on open learning and time release grant to instructors who want to implement open learning and open textbooks 
  • “space” at KPU for the conversation about open education as it relates to our vision
  • Showcase of OER in KPU currently 
  • KPU “Sprint” to get people together in different content areas to develop a resource for use by core subjects


Next Steps


Thank you!

Open Textbook Roundtable - May 29, 2014

By Meg Goodine

Open Textbook Roundtable - May 29, 2014

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