Visual studio Code

  • First released by Microsoft in 2015
  • Constantly improving with montly releases
  • Cross-platform, free and open-source
  • Based on Electron and written in TypeScript
  • Minimalistic, yet very powerful
  • Easily extended

Visual studio Code

Language server

  • Protocol for IDE services
  • Simple, based on JSON-RPC
  • Language-agnostic
  • Editor-agnostic
  • Many clients (vscode, eclipse, vim, emacs, atom, sublime, etc)
  • Many servers (haxe, js, ts, ocaml, java, c#, go, rust, php, c++, etc)


  • Controls and encapsulates Haxe completion server
  • Written in Haxe!
  • (Should be) possible to use without vshaxe


  • Extension for VS Code (but not only)
  • Syntax highlighting
  • IDE features throuh Haxe Language Server
  • Tasks, Dependency explorer, and other quality of life features
  • Also written in Haxe, easy to contribute
  • Great documentation!

Usability and Extensibility

  • Zero-configuration setup with HXML files
  • Extensible by third-party extensions
  • Lime extension is already there
  • Easy switching between configurations

VS Code externs

  • VS Code is easily extended
  • Develop tools for your specific needs
  • See marketplace for inspiration
  • Haxe externs available (and used for vshaxe, codedox, vscode-checktyle, lime extension, etc).

Future plans

  • Work on Haxe compiler for better IDE services (code hints, refactoring, etc.)
  • Integrate hxparser for code structure awareness.
  • Implement/improve coding and debug workflow for Haxe targets


Dan Korostelev (@nadako)

Haxe Summit 2017


By Dan Korostelev