Past experiences

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2017-2019: Building Remix

feb 2017

jan 2019

2013 - now: Organizing co-learning communities 

2016: free code camps Asia

2015: Refugees

2014: E-learning app + content (for Gov Serbia)

          Play Project (2019+)

  • 2 part time
  • 2 even more part time
  • super motivated & passionate about p2p web and tooling for new devs
  • part of Ethereum Foundation





What did we buidl?

solidity editor

lightweight editor with live preview

Deploy and interact with contracts through Metamask

play-workshop module

helps anyone create a workshop using our module

data is owned by you

workshop and  content is owned by creators

& hosted on your domain




skill tree

all workshops are decentralized but connected in a curriculum


creating workshop       =       filling out a json file




lesson title & link


i.e. embedded code editor


i.e. lesson description, links

connect your workshop

How to add workshops into a skill tree

Tutorial to create a workshop

What's next?

Current work in progress

workshop generator

preview & publish a new workshop

exercise tasks & bounties

i.e. gitcoin

extension proposal

for workshop.json

free code camps 2019

Oct (UK), Nov (Thailand), Dec (Korea)

  • join as a learner / remote mentor / content creator
  • outsource tasks to learners
    (so they can earn while they learn)
  • become a sponsor
    (help us bounty the learning process)

for more info, please ping us on our gitter chat 

Thank you!

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By Nina Breznik


EDCON 2019 Talk, Sydney

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