DevOps is Dead!

a (controversial) rant


the problems

  • DevOps Engineers“.

  • “DevOps Teams”.

  • “DevOps Tools”.

  • Everyone wants “DevOps” but have no idea what it means.

 what is devops   Google Search.png

The definition

of “DevOps”

(searching: “What is DevOps?”)

the short definition of Devops

The ultimate business requirements to customer to business requirements cycle
where everyone is happy like this:

most companies

(in a strong russian accent)
  • run test bad!

  • monitor wrong thing!

  • react wrong thing!

  • no improve!

  • more bad thing...

devops to the rescue!

DevOps aims to solve these problems. 

It is a culture(!), 

in which people(!) 

work together(!) 

to improve(!)

it requires

  • Collaboration/Communication/Familiarity/Control/Quality Testing

  • Automation


“DevOps Engineer”

See anything… strange about this?

Yes, they want “a God”.

so... a ''devops team''


which completely betrays the idea of DevOps.

the ''devops tools''








these are all “DevOps Tools”, right?

They are Automation tools!
They don’t “DevOps”. They AUTOMATE.
They ENABLE DevOps.

that much is also true for...





New Relic…

these are Communication, Collaboration and Monitoring tools.

can you define a set of ''culture tools''?

what we tend to mean

when we say “DevOps” is:

what we should mean

when we say DevOps is:

  • Collaboration/Communication/Familiarity/Control/Quality Testing

we enable that by

where did we stray off course?

Culture is a very abstract and complicated concept. 

It isn’t as simple and obvious as tools and skills.

 take away

  • DevOps is not “A Thing”. It is “A How”.

  • DevOps is meant to be “Devs WITH Ops”, not “Dev AND Op”.

  • Having said that, DevOps is not ONLY for Devs and Ops. 

the problem isn't the word...

it is the illusion!

DevOps is Dead - DOD

By Nir Cohen

DevOps is Dead - DOD

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