The low-level problem with Change


Nir Cohen@                     



Develop awareness of "Change" as an entity

Focus on change process instead of the change subject

(i.e. low-level)


Replace System1 with System2

Engineering Relevancy?


That which prevents us from accepting change

Change is dangerous

Fearing the unknown and lack of control

Failures are (negative) positive feedback loops

Change is wasteful

Confirmation Bias

Hot water in Gelatin

The principle of least action or the path of least resistance

Rationalizing failures


Investment makes Sentiment

Sunk Cost fallacy and Endowment effect

Implementation issues

Having decided on a change, why do we fail?

[lack of] awareness

[lack of] consistency

[lack of] wanting

*Non-exhaustive list

7 AMAZING things to do to make change easy!@!!!

1. Treat change

as if it's a problem on its own merit

More Examples

Change is hard.

The low-level problem with Change

By Nir Cohen

The low-level problem with Change

Why we fail to make changes

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