The case for Monitoring

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Nir Cohen @ Gigaspaces

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  • Cultural Aspects
  • The case for Open-Source
  • Enabling Automation

Cultural Aspects in Monitoring

Everyone owns monitoring

(not just Ops)

Discuss system state periodically and adjust

(not just once)

Monitoring should be part of the application

(not an after-thought)

Work towards prevention

(not fire-hosing)

Be open to change

(otherwise you can't progress)

Be open to open-source

(free isn't necessarily bad)

The case for open-source

Huge ecosystem, loads of tools

On-going support by the community

More transparent future

Contributing back

Monitoring Enables Automation

Continuous Deployment




Monitoring Continuously Evolves


Monitoring systems must be more available and scalable than the systems being monitored


​Monitoring is hard. You can simplify it only so much before its value decreases.


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The case for Monitoring

By Nir Cohen

The case for Monitoring

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