by Olga Zinoveva,

Juan Vicente Vázquez,

Olga Dokukova

[Ironhack Module 2 Project]

What is Aupet

Webapp that puts in contact a pet owner with a pet keeper

User can

  • Search for pet keepers
  • Create tasks for keepers
  • Accept keepers for the tasks
  • See own tasks



  • MVC Pattern
  • CRUD
  • Node, Express & MongoDB
  • CSS, SASS & Handlebars
  • Git collaborative


Tool mix

Tool mix

Our own Slack space

Tool mix

A specific automated #github channel for pull requests and merges


Tool mix

Google Drive to save project files and data


Task spliting

3 models  =>  3 team members

  • User =>
  • Pet =>
  • Event =>

Juan Vicente

Olga Z

Olga D


User stories


  • Create my tasks

  • View task details

  • List all existing tasks

  • List my own tasks

  • Enroll in a task

  • Add my pet's profile

  • View my pet's profile

  • SIgn up, log in, log out
  • View my profile

  • Edit my profile


(Event model)



Styling & design

  • Mobile first focus
  • Assets and colors from "Pets" animated movie

Aspects learnt 

  • Commit more often
  • Team work & Scrum
  • Plan models better
  • SASS
  • Handlebars


If we were to start

...we would finish the MVP functionality before applying the styles 


from scratch...

To do

  • Reviews
  • Search with filters
  • Geolocation
  • Chat
  • Alerts


Hola, soy Juan Vicente

Team working hardly


By Olga Dokukova


Ironhack Module 2 Project (BCN PT WEB DEV)

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