by Olga Dokukova

[Ironhack Module 1 Project]

Model game: Drop Dunks

The objective of the game is to bounce the falling balls so that they end up in the baskets

Why did I choose this game as a model?

  • It's quite an engaging game
  • There is an intellectual challenge in coding the complex movement

ball => 


basket => 

{First approach}

My special thanks to Manu Pacheco for the idea of the monkeys

Game Monkeys Hollywood Foxies Khights Penguins Aliens





ball => jumper

basket => catcher

{Second approach}



Mathematics: bounce angles

Physics: gravity & speed

Multiple themes joining

Process: 1st week Trello

Process: 1st week result

Logic done

Process: 2nd week Trello

3rd week: Done vs. To do

Iterations completed:

100% of must have & 67% of extra

Aspects learnt


Classes organizing

Dyslexia vs. dysgraphia

I finally learned to write the words "height" and "length" correctly


The Foxies theme is dedicated to my Lucas Fox colleagues

Github Repo  <=>  Play

Bounce Master

By Olga Dokukova

Bounce Master

Ironhack Module 1 Project (BCN PT WEB DEV)

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