Fervor - my attempt to fix fullstack webdev

yarn global add fervor

I had 99 projects but none of them did anything 

alternative title 1

Why is everyone making shit so complicated?

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Call me a hipster but I like my architecture to be from the 1990s

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A bit about me

Name: Parris

Role: Director of Web - Brigade - Civic Tech

Twitters: @parrissays

Githubs: @parris


do we like github anymore? thanks Micro$oft (jk)


What's new/different

You get everything provided by create-react-app/next.js would give you, sprinkle in some config free/light magic, throw in autogenerated APIs + migrations, some really simple glue, lots of opinions and some integration tests and you got fervor.


What's not new?

Nearly every piece in isolation is something you've already used or have heard. We brought them together so you don't need to spend 2->3 months doing it yourself.

Kicking it off with a demo...

> mkdir xyz; cd xyz
> createdb xyz (requires pg)
> fervor create


You may also want to peek at https://github.com/fervorous/fervor/wiki/MaterialUI

How about more complicated stuff?!

check out my docs - https://github.com/fervorous/fervor/wiki


Auth (2 flavors)

All in PG: https://gist.github.com/parris/3f0b23796b7d8490613c0cef6dfd8c48

Auth v2

Create an admin only table

Edit it with, and admin JWT

Complexity on the client side?


Usually has to do with state, and you have 3 options (work in progress)

  • Apollo-Link (I think this method will win TBH)
  • Redux (built in, but I need to add a feature or 2)
  • React State + Immutable Data (I've been preferring this after using Redux for a while - you don't need those globals)


Do you really need client side state? Often you actually don't. With migrations + graphql making things so easy, can you just save what you need server side?

Future - StoryForj + Beyond


Ok cool... i guess, but why

Organizations which design systems ... are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations.

- Melvin Conway, this quote is known as "Conway's Law"

Complexity seems to move to  the places with the least oversight


- a CTO I know explaining why something had gone awry

Debian's biggest value add is that you can guarentee that all packages will work well together.


- Asheesh, a friend telling me why Debian is awesome

I want the reduce the number of black boxes in my codebases and make more gray boxes.


- Me



Disclaimer - You should consider Fervor "beta" software

I'm using it on very small production sites. I've been making incremental improvements for the past 6/7 months, but could definitely use help :).

Fervor - my attempt to fix fullstack webdev

By Parris Khachi

Fervor - my attempt to fix fullstack webdev

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