The Holy Grail of Visual Regression Testing


by @parrissays 


example repo

A bit about me

A bit about Brigade

Oh and we're Hiring

Senior Software Engineer - Feature
Senior Software Engineer - Platform

This is you, trying to add a new feature by updating an old component

But ultimately at least 2/5 times something goes wrong.

Enter Happo!


1. Visual regression testing should be as easy as unit testing
2. Any 2 commits should be comparable
3. Never fail, just inform

How we use Happo (code review/CI)

During development

Happo has a watcher, which is great for
iterating on a component.

It let's us check IE early/often!

Sometimes we share links w/ designers

Which helps us close out stories and prevents re-opens.

Happo Demo

Demo Items

  • Describe 2 flavors of happo
  • Run happo classic, run the reviewer
  • Look at the test code. Make a modification.
  • Point out config differences IO vs Classic
  • Run
  • Run the dev mode
  • Run the single component diff mode


And remember, we're hiring! Come talk to me after if you want want to work on cool projects like Happo!

The Holy Grail of Visual Regression Testing

By Parris Khachi

The Holy Grail of Visual Regression Testing

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