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The Pac-Man Rule

When standing as a group of people, always leave room for 1 person to join your group.

Today's Talk

Good to the Last Drop: Writing Robust Flask Apps

by Isaac Evans

RESTful Web APIs with FastAPI

by Ravleen Anand

Upcoming Events

Polyglot YEG 2020

time changed, Edmonton

PyCon US 2020

Canceled - but slides will be online

Prairie Dev Con Calgary 2020

Sept 14-15, Calgary


  • Last Python 2.7 maintenance Release on April 2020
  • Python 2.7.18 - LAST release of Python 2
  • Django 3.0.5 available
  • Python 3.9.0a5 available for testing
  • New sponsorship program for python package

Reading for the Month

How to write good quality Python code with GitHub Actions

  • GitHub Actions - new feature similar to CI/CD
  • Step-by-step tutorial of setting up github actions with a few packages

Introduction to ASGI: Emergence of an Async Python Web Ecosystem​

  • Introduction to ASGI from basics to living examples
  • Includes useful packages and projects

Advanced usage of Python requests - timeouts, retries, hooks​

  • ​Detailed examples for hooks, various setups (for repetitive code), retries, debugging

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PyYYC Apr 22 2020

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