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The Pac-Man Rule

When standing as a group of people, always leave room for 1 person to join your group.

Today's Talk

PyData: Building an Intuition for Probability

by Ben Reeves

PyYYC: Highly Performant IO

by Peter Hunnisett

Upcoming Events

Polyglot YEG 2020

Late summer, Edmonton

PyCon US 2020


Prairie Dev Con Calgary 2020

Sept 14-15, Calgary


  • Last Python 2.7 maintenance Release on April 2020
  • Python 2.7.18 - LAST release of Python 2
  • Django 3.0.6 available
  • Python 3.9.0b1 available for testing
  • Python 3.8.3 available
  • Pip 20.1 released
  • Django 3.1a1 available for testing

Reading for the Month

10 things you need to know to effectively use Django Rest Framework

  • Tricks and best practices about viewsets, serializers, special/custom methods, nested serializers, etc

3 Quick Ways To Compare Data with Python​

  • Check data in its entirety: MD5, SHA1 (Hex algo) 
  • Check contents with SQL
  • Check with Pandas: .equals(), .any(), .eq()

Python Language Summit 2020​

  • ​A two-day lightening talks at PyCon 2020
  • Covers various of topics, each ~30 mins long 

Next PyYYC: June 24

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Any topic and experience level with Python

PyYYC May 27 2020

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