What it is ? How to work with it ?


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What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization


Optimizations for our website to be display on several search engines :

   - Google

   - Bing

   - Yahoo





Nobody knows the rules

(only search engine creators)

Questions ?

How it works ?


First issue : JS Render Engine

Application with JS Render Engine

- Crawl robot doesn't know which data you want to display because Website data is injected after HTML is downloaded.


- No Data = Generic Website

First issue : JS Render Engine

Solution : SSR !

Solution : SSR !

Application with JS Render Engine

(SSR Mode)


- More complexity when we develop application


- Take more time to render website initially (Solution: Caching + Incremental build)

Second issue : Informations

Context is hard for a robot to understand !


We can use some technics to make easier indexing !

Solution : Metadata

A metadata is a data who will tell to user, search engine, preview engine which content we display


We speak mostly

- Open graph metadata (Facebook)

- Twitter graph metadata (Twitter)

- Title / Description / Author (Generic)


Recommanded tools : Meta Tags

Solution : Sitemap

A sitemap allow you to make robot work easier to know all your pages.

Solution : Robots.txt

A file who contain :

   - Which crawler can index your websites

   - All pages where the robot who don't index the page

   - All pages where the robot need to index

   - Sitemap location

Solution : HTML Order

Content sectioning / Text content / Inline text semantics / etc.



- Heading order

- Alt text on image

- etc.

Third issue : Technical

- Website without HTTPS


- Slow FCP (First Content Paint)


- HTTP1 only

Solutions : Configurations

- Use SSL Cert (


- Use compression GZIP, etc.

- Use async loading in app

- Use WebP or SVG instead of PNG

- Use CDN + Caching

- Optimize app and reduce third library impact (


- Use HTTP/2 or HTTP/3

Tools to audit this issue

40% of users are known to abandon a site if it takes over 3 seconds to load a page.


SEO + SEA = 💕

SEA = Search Engine Advertising


- Google Adwords

- Facebook Ads

- Bing Ads

- Yahoo Ads

SEO + SEA = 💕

Good strategy who work very well but


- Take a lot of time (Facebook system is like trading and Google use a bid system by keyword)


- Take a lot of $


- Specially to Facebook, you need to handle time zones in your ads

Cross scoring - Backlinks

Post your links on another domain to take some traffic and SEO score.

Cross tech compatibility

Company love using their products.


- Google : Adwords, Search Console, MyBusiness, Analytics,, etc.


- Facebook : Pages, Ads, App Dev, etc.

Others technics

- Domain with friendly name


- Domain name extension (Ex: FR for french traffic, etc.)


- Domain Age Ranking


- Expired domains (Take some traffic from previous domain and take previous SEO score)


- Unused keywords

Questions ?

SEO : What it is ? How to work with it ?

By Quentin LAFFONT

SEO : What it is ? How to work with it ?

A short presentation about SEO.

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