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" We have lots of speakers from industry, you can discuss what its like being a scholar. "  - Dr. Matias Quiroz

OK then...

The Early Years

University of Queensland

B.Sc. (Mathematics)


Meeting Dirk (2014)

A Monte Carlo Man

Honours (2014-2015)

PhD in Statistics (2015-2018)

Meet interesting people...

Hodgkinson, L., Salomone, R., and Roosta, F. (2019),  Implicit Langevin Algorithms for Sampling From Log-concave Densities. arxiv:1903.12322 


Salomone, R., South, L.F., Drovandi, C.C., and Kroese, D.P. (2018), Unbiased and Consistent Nested Sampling via Sequential Monte Carlo. arXiv:1805.03924


Botev, Z.I., Salomone, R., Mackinlay, D. (2019), Fast and accurate computation of the distribution of sums of dependent log-normals,  Annals of Operations Research, 1-28. 


Laub, P.J., Salomone, R., Botev, Z.I. (2019), Monte Carlo estimation of the density of the sum of dependent random variables, Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 161, 23-31.


...and write scholarly things with them!

Somewhere along the way...

I got the fancy hat(s)...

...and a fancy pen (for Dirk)...

Public Service Announcement


(for those considering PhD studies)

No-one will call you Dr. 

Mr. Dr. Salomone

Postdoc UQ

August 2018 - Jan 2019

Postdoc (2019- )

University of New South Wales

What do I like? 

  • Highly Autonomous  
  • Always Learning 
  • Unpredictable
  • Teaching 
  • Collaboration
  • Set Your Own Hours



Possible Turnoffs

  • Highly Autonomous >> Lacks Structure  
  • Always Learning >> Always Confused
  • Unpredictable >> Unpredictable
  • Teaching >> Time Management
  • Collaboration >> Collaboration
  • Set Your Own Hours >> Set Your Own 40-80 hours /wk


Is it worth it?

One day?

Thanks for Listening!

Please come talk to me if you are interested in finding out more!

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