"We are grateful to the team at the Hawaii Information Consortium, LLC for the thoughtful studies and approach to rebuilding our Web presence. Our website now offers simple navigation and the ability for staff to easily point patrons to all of the great resources HSPLS offers. One of the biggest successes has been the event listings that now surface thousands of cultural, community, computer, reading, and instructional programs available throughout our 50 branches on six islands. We are excited that patrons are now finding programs and services that they previously did not know the library offered… which was exactly our goal!”


Acting Hawaii State Library director shares:

..."LOTS of the credit goes to you folks for being able to interpret what we wanted or thought we wanted or meant... and sitting through hours while we tried to figure it out. THAT’s the hard part. You have special skills when you’re a librarian whisperer!"


Judiciary Mobile App


Customer Service Stats


Given a 47% increase in call volume since 2013,

62 new apps and 76 updates since 2013 ...

We hired Ron!

Call Volume

From Jan 1, 2017 to Nov 30, 2017, we handled 66,353 inquiries, a decrease of over 6,785 compared to the same period in 2016.


We're on track to decrease calls by 9% in 2017.










Per month, we average 6,000 interactions via emails, phone calls and online chats.






Our average email  response time is 4 hours and 34 minutes.





Email Response Time

Top 10 Calls of 2017

Top 10 Calls of 2017

Requests by CSR









Total number of requests (phone, chat and emails) answered by each CS member from Jan 1, 2017 to Nov 30, 2017.

Customer Feedback

I wanted to first of all thank the supervisor(s) and manager(s) who Norman reports to at his work place. He was very professional, competent, and helpful. I am new to this, and his efficiency and caring attitude got me over the nervousness of filling out all of the many forms online, and in writing. Simply put: Mahalo Norman! I hope you know that you made my day. My wife and kids weren't on the phone, but on behalf of them, I thank you. Superb! Deserves AAA+ kudos!""


Bobby has already made my day a better one. Went from freaking out to okay... bye!"


This is what customer service should be. Can't praise Jamie enough. She was very helpful, found the solution, helped me resolve the issue – true ALOHA spirit!" Thank you so much."


Ron not only answered my question he went the extra mile to provide me with a link to the correct information. Really appreciated the efficiency, speed and politeness."


And now for some FUN stuff...

We <3 to volunteer

We <3 to adopt families

We <3 to party

We <3 to read


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