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About this Session

👍A “Beginner session" and strictly not for Cloud experts


👍It won’t teach you everything,  But it will help you learn what you need to know to get started





👍Be prepared to Unmute and ask questions

  • Basics of Cloud Computing and Cloud Native
  • Overview of Azure with Core services
  • Demo

Story time!

So now we could rent hardware

Once upon a time!

But then internet arrived ... and virtualization

What the heck is "Cloud"

Before Cloud

The Cloud Thing

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Funding Models

  • Capital Expenditures ( CapEx)
  • Operating Expenditures (OpEx)

Types of Cloud

Provider provides resources for various different users.



Public Cloud + Private Cloud
Private: processes critical activities
Public: supports non-critical activities, accommodates demand peaks

Serve a single company AND
Provider delivers services to internal users from company data centers

Service Models  

Think Of Pizza as  a Service

Where to get Cloud?

1 Free year

200$ Credits, 30+ services

300$ Credits, 20+ services

Great place for devs/Cheap cost

What is Cloud Native

[ Cloud Friendly / Cloud Optimised ]

A cloud-native application is an application that has been designed to run on a Platform-as-a-Service and to embrace elastic scaling.

How to Design Cloud Native Apps?


  1. We need to understand distributed systems.
  2. We need to understand new technologies such as containers and functions.
  3. We need to understand what patterns to use when building cloud-native applications.

Key Components of Cloud Native (Remember the word CSK)




Top 3  lies by developer

It works on my machine

We have not changed anything

You're testing it wrong

The Problem

The solution

What is Container?

  • A fully self-contained “thing”
  • Application source code
  • All runtime dependencies, config files, and binaries



Container Orchestration


Cuban Yeti(s)

  • Kubernetes is a portable, extensible open-source platform for managing containerized workloads and services


  • Environment to run applications on containers (Docker, but other engines are supported)



Easy Development

and Deployment




Though servers exist, the developer does not have to think about them.

Let's dive into Azure

The Azure menu of services can be overwhelming.

So many services that it would be difficult to get through them all in this session!

Global Infrastructure

64 Azure Regions

More than AWS & Google Combined


Core Azure Services

Let me navigate to the Whiteboard

Important concepts to know

Region 1 - South East Asia

Region 2 - US west



Data Center

Reference Architecture

Tips for Beginners

  • Implement Spending Caps/Keep an eye on your bill
  • Delete everything you don't need
  • Least Privilege!! Take care to fully understand permissions and access 
  • Watch videos, follow tutorials, reach out!
  • Have fun
  • This stuff is really easy if you know what you are doing

Demo Time

Idea into Action

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Idea: "Analyse How world is reacting to vaccination" 

Let's built it on Azure


                   Sajeetharan Sinnathurai


Where to go from here?

Azure Certifications

Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn

Start Azure

Ask Me

Ask Me

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