• Unleash the power of JAMstack and GraphQL

  • Cosmos SQL API get started

    Cosmos SQL API get started

  • Cloud Thing 101

    Talk about Cloud computing as part of cutting edge 2021

  • Compute options on Azure

  • Angular - Under the spotlight

    A talk on Angular for beginners and tips!

  • Add the magic of realtime angular

    ngHive Talk

  • Docker && Kubernetes - Zero to Hero

    Talk about AKS and Docker for beginners at Women Who Code - KL

  • Orchestrating MicroServices with AKS - Nepal

    Orchestrating MicroServices with AKS

  • Angular From 0 to Hero

  • Getting started with Angular

  • Unlease github actions with azure

    Github Enterprise

  • Unleashing Angular Schematics

    In this talk we are going to explore one of the latest additions to the Angular ecosystem. This is angular schematics! We will explore the technology behind the Angular CLI that allows us to scaffold, build, generate and automate repetitive tasks with a simple command. We will explore the different applications of angular schematics with small examples showing its full power.

  • Github + Microsoft

    Github Enterprise

  • From Zero to Hero - DevFest Peshawar

  • Angular For the Win

    Presentation at GDG DevFest Peshawar 2019. The session is about intro to angular, evolution and what is new on angular

  • Enterprise angular apps

  • Quality Coder - FITIS workshop

    Quality coder workshop organized by FITIS for industry developers

  • Let's build PWA apps

    Progressive Web Applications leverages the success of web and native mobile application. Your application can be downloaded and launched without going through the hassle of App Store / Android Store. It reduces the friction of application distribution process by leveraging the success of the web. In this talk, I will cover The need for PWA Building Blocks of PWA Service Worker Web App Manifest Building PWA with angular

  • Angular to the cloud

  • OpenFaas AKS workshop - Colombo

    Slide deck and workshop guidelines for the AKS workshop colombo 2019

  • Ionic for Everyone - NSBM

    Ionic Framework organise IEEE at NSBMM

  • From Zero to Hero - DevFest Colombo

  • Let's discuss how to build scalable angular application - part 1

  • Key Building Blocks of a Typical Angular Application

  • Everything you need to know to get started with Angular

  • Angular Session - UCSC

  • DiggIng Data with Google's BigQuery

    BigQuery is Google's fully managed, petabyte scale, low cost analytics data warehouse. .Let's see What can you do with BigQuery?

  • Digin presentation

  • Introduction to Angularjs

    A deck for Presentation on Angularjs at SLIIT

  • Technologies at Duosoftware

  • Ionic Framework