Lessons Learnt in Developer Advocacy

Sam Basu | @samidip

Some Caveats

Define Developer Advocacy

The Job

Mediator between Product & Audience

Ambassador | Chase success | Champion developers

The Challenges

Developers are cynical & loyal

Know audience | Marketing does not fly | Cut out fluff

Developer Language

Developers are passionate

Showcase dev experience | Storytelling helps

The Why Matters

Pain-driven development

How does a product make life simpler | Show value

The Marketing

Make solutions contagious

 Showcase real world problems | Integrations | Wow Demos 

The Craft

Be truly enthusiastic about tech

Cannot fake passion | Do what you preach | Dogfood

The How

Stay on cutting edge

Build cool stuff | Know trends | Own product roadmaps

How to Human

Inclusion Matters

Don't be a Jerk

Privileges | Be kind | Respect differences

The Hustle

Motivated vs Forced  

Watch for burnout | Family first | Life is short

Cut Out Noise

What did I today?

Focus on what matters | Be ruthless

Make Each Day Count

Effective vs Efficient

Life happens | Triage | Catch-up | Talk | Health

Manage Your Brand

You Matter

Maintain dignity & integrity

Independent voice is an asset | Trust your judgement

Brand Association

You are the face

Nothing is 'off-record' | Opinion counts | Context matters

Life In Spotlight

Don't dig a hole

Tread carefully on HR/Legal | Internet does not forget

Talking to Media

Check. Check Again.

PR disasters are fun | Facts matter | Get trained

Choose Your Vice

Generalist or Specialist

Know pitfalls | Balance fame with options | Be flexible

Let Reputation Speak

Labels Don't Matter

Email Signatures | Let your work do the talking

Norms Of The Game

Choose Your Battles

Don't try doing everything

Travel or Content | Online or Offline | Avoid burnouts

The Road Warrior Life

Travel is fun, until it is not

Perks | Work doesn't stop  | Footprint | Strike a balance

Let's Talk Alcohol

Yes, Really

Welcome everyone | Know boundaries

Respect Competition

It's what keeps everyone on toes

Recognize solid tech | Acknowledge chinks in armor

Get In The Weeds

Advocates are developers

Keep coding | Draw from experiences | Understand PoV

Know Thy Outlets

Pick what works for your audience

Blogs | Livestreams | Websites | Magazines | Podcasts | Webinars | Videos | Forums | Conferences | UGs | Social media | Apps | Books | Courses | Engineering interactions | Comments | Customer meetings | Hallway conversations

Tricks Of Trade

Tap into resources judiciously

Be known in circles of trust | Earn favors | Genuinely care

Build A Community

Scale your reach

Incubate a loyal army | Free amplification | Foster network

Create Value

Measurable results

Educate internally | Highlight wins | Show outreach

Protect Thyself

Tech industry changes quickly

Careful spokesperson | Get facts right | Watch reputation

Work Smart Remotely

Show value in preferred life

Tools | Expectations | Headphone | Reachable | Pants matter

Speak With Clarity

The Speaking Privilege

Use every opportunity

Speak a lot | Hone your craft | Listen with intent

Speaking Etiquettes

Be present

Entertain | Engage | Take something back | Less is more

Speak Boldly

Confidence is key

Body language | Eye contact | No sugar coating

Speak Honestly

Be genuine

'Get back to you' | Tech failures | Enthusiasm | Humor

Speak Expertly

You are the presentation

Prep hard | Live coding risks | Polished demos | KISS

Speak Respectfully

Audience isn't stupid

Primary message | Insights matter | End-to-end story

Write With Purpose

A Strong Pen

Practice makes perfect

Simple terms | Tell, show & tell again | No rambling

Make An Impact

It's only words ...

Share-friendly title | Catchy intro | Watch length

Break Up Monotony

Show your soul

Gifs/Memes help | Professional humor | Embed media

Writing Ethics

Create value

No plagiarism | No regurgitating | Show clean code

Mileage From Words

Engagement brings viewership

Plug across outlets | Encourage comments | Don't feed trolls

Edgy Sells

You will upset somebody

Hard to impress all | Ok to take sides | Get to bottom

Open Source Playground

OSS Etiquettes

Open Sourcing != Crowd Sourcing

Rules for collaboration | Professionalism | No hatred

OSS Engagement

Keep community energized

Move PRs along | Work Issues openly | Incentivize

Move The Needle

Track Impact

Rinse & Repeat

Right outlets for right audience | Amplify | Measure

In For Long Haul

Elevate Developer Experiences

Don't burn bridges | Be passionate | Genuinely care



 You Don't Need Permission

To Be Awesome!

- David Neal

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Developer Advocacy

By Sam Basu

Developer Advocacy

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