Ionic V1 Overview


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What We Will Cover

  • What Happened Since Last Meetup
  • Getting Ionic Installed
  • The Ionic Templates
  • CSS Overview
  • JS Components Overview
  • SASS-ify Ionic
  • Complex Customisation
  • Roundup

Begin We Shall


Since We Last Met

  • Angular Remote Conf Happened
  • Ionic Market
  • Ionic Labs App
  • Ionic IO Changes
  • Ionic V2 is in preview

Get Ionic Installed

(sudo) npm instal ionic -g




  • blank

  • sidemenu

  • tabs

  • codepen 

Ionic CSS Features


Ionic JS Components


SASS-ify Ionic

  • Great way to brand your app
  • Great way to write your own styles
  • Great way to learn SCSS
ionic setup sass


  • Great for platform specific customisation
  • Really powerful for global configuration


  • Use John Papas Guide For Your Angular
  • Testify Your App
  • Use Advantage Of Separate template files Templates
  • Componentize almost everything being re-used
    • EG Make a Modal a service 
  • Share with the community <3 <3 <3 

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Ionic V1 Overview

By Sani Yusuf

Ionic V1 Overview

Overview Of Ionic V1

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