The Ionic Evolution

A Walk Back Through History

Who Am I ?

Sani Yusuf

  • Mobile Enthusiast
  • Keen Glass Explorer
  • Phonegapper from day one
  • Currently consulting for Huddlebuy 
  • Writer / Trainer on mobile 
  • I love Avatar (Im even learning Navi)


By The Way, I Am Hiring :) 

Why Im Here

  • Pre Ionic Times
  • Early Ionic
  • Ionic Today
  • The Features
  • Some Live Code 
  • Future Of Ionic
  • Roundup 

Short History Lesson

Before Mobile Apps, we had the web.

Websites were the same everywhere and had the same code.

Everyone knew HTML, CSS & Javascript.

Along came Apps


Need to learn a new Language to create Apps

  • Java for Android
  • Objective C for IOS
  • .NET for Windows Phone 

Native is expensive

Classic web developers left out 

Zero re-usability of resources

Hybrid Apps To The Rescue

Hybrid Promise

Along came Phonegap / Cordova

Uses the WebView and give access to device features 

100% Cross platform 

The classic developers were back in the game

The Big Boys Joined

Bright Future

Not So Fast

The big boys abandoned us 

Hybrid apps failed to deliver

HTML5 still not standardised

Web Developer !== Mobile Developer

Ugly Ugly User Interface 

What We Need

A framework dedicated at solving our issues

Native esque features

Massive community support 



Introducing Ionic

Made by Drifty (Max & Ben)

Open Source (13k Stars On GitHub)

Big ass community behind it

Its free too

Closer Look

  • Built with Angular JS
  • Made by Geeks like you 
  • Develop with web technologies
  • SASS-able css customization 
  • Performance obsessed
  • Native esque interactions
  • Ionicons
  • NG-Cordova

Lets See Some Proof

Advanced Lists

  <ion-item ng-repeat="item in items" 
    <img ng-src="{{ item.pic }}">
    <h2>{{ }}</h2>
    <p>{{ item.quote }}</p>

Action Sheet

<ion-slide-box on-slide-changed="change(index)">
    Slide 1
    Slide 2
    Slide 3

Native Style Menu

Tabbed Menu

Slider Menu

Platform Specific Tweaks

And So Much More

  • Super duper smart Navigation
  • Ionic Creator
  • Collection Repeat ( I Love You Mate <3)
  • Modal Windows
  • Pull to refresh
  • Popover


You can even create your own on 

Now Do You Believe Me?

Ionic Beta 14

  • The last of the Betas
  • Angular 1.3
  • Massive performance improvements 
  • Platform specific goodies
  • Ionic View
  • Ionic CLI updates
    • Build Icon & Splash
  • More and more new great apps made

Time To Code

What The Future Holds

  • Ionic.IO Tools
  • Collide Engine
  • More Platform Specifics
  • Much Better Android Performance
  • Support For More Platforms

What I Want To See

Much Better Ionic Tablet Support

Direct Native Runtime Access

HTML5 Standardised 

Watch Out For These Lot

  • Holly Shinsky @devgirlfl
  • Christophe Coenraets @ccoenraets
  • Nic raboy @nraboy
  • Raymond Camden  @raymondcamden
    Andrew McGiverly  @andrewmcgivery

Also Watch Avatar If You Haven't Yet <3


The Ionic Evolution

By Sani Yusuf

The Ionic Evolution

The evolution of the Ionic Framework from its early Alpha in 2013, to what it is today as a complete SDK.

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